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The Nevada Growth Model was designed in response to the Nevada Legislature’s 2009 call for improving the measurement of student achievement through Assembly Bill 14. The Growth Model is a collaborative of district and state education leaders working with other states such as Colorado and with Dr. Damian Betebenner of the Center for Assessment.


The Nevada Growth Model measures how much a student improves in academic performance over time, rather than simply whether he or she passed a test.  It answers the question, “How much progress on statewide assessments did a student or group of students make in one year, as compared to academic peers across the state?” Examining student academic growth will help districts and schools to better plan learning experiences to help more students achieve higher levels of academic performance.


Results are currently based on the Criterion-Referenced Tests (CRTs) in Reading and Mathematics for students in grades 4-8.  Student reports will be available to parents and teachers within the next several months.


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“The Nevada Growth Model measures student progress.”

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